Wireless, Mobile and IoT Devices: Repairs and Support

Need a repair on a wireless, mobile or other networked device? IT Tech Repair LLC works on a broad range of electronics. From simple touch screen replacements on phones to microsoldering work on circuit boards, we are your local Twin Cities electronic repair shop. Located in Southeast Como neighborhood of Minneapolis, we are conveniently located near the East Bank and St. Paul campuses of the University of Minnesota. Our office and repair lab offers an exceptional customer experience and alternative to wireless shops and big-box stores and franchises. Check out our major services below where you can click to learn more, contact us about a repair need or shop in our online repair store.

Repair your iPhone and iPad

Your Apple Store Alternative

IT Tech Repair LLC provides repair and software support for your iPhone and iPad. And we take on the kinds of repairs and out of warranty work that Apple won't. Avoid the lines, wait and hassles of the Apple Store and Genius Bar.

If you've been told your iPhone or iPad is not repairable, bring it to us. We specialize in board level repairs, water damage cleaning and data recovery on iPhones.

We source the best available iPhone aftermarket parts. Our parts and labor are warrantied, including our lifetime warranty on iPhone screens. We can also source good used OEM parts. And you can always bring your own part or a parts phone.

iPhone Repairs

iPhone Screen Replacements ($35 labor plus cost of parts)

Fix your cracked or smashed iPhone screen. Got a hairline crack or a completely smashed screen with no display? The repair is the same and so is the price.

iPhone Battery Replacement ($30 includes labor and new battery on all iPhone 5/6/7 series)

Suspect your iPhone's battery is bad? Our free software diagnosis determines the health of your current battery. If it does need replacing, it's a simple job that can be done while you wait.

iPhone Charge Port, Camera, Speaker Replacements ($35 labor plus cost of parts)

When we replace multiple parts at the same time, you pay only one labor rate plus the cost of the parts. For some replacements that require board removal and work on badly damaged iPhone housings our labor rate is $50.

iPad Repairs

Glass/Digitizer and LCD Replacement ($50 labor plus cost of parts)

Unlike the iPhone, iPad glass and LCD replacements involve heating adhesives and re-adhering components. So, the labor rate is a bit higher and the repair takes a bit longer than most iPhone repairs.

Other iPad Repairs ($50-$75 plus cost of parts)

All internal iPad repairs such as battery and charge port replacements involve heating adhesives to remove the glass/digitizer. Some components in certain models require basic soldering for replacement. When soldering is required, the labor rate is $75.

Water Damage Cleaning and Repair ($75 plus cost of parts)

Did your iPhone or iPad take a swim or get a drink spilled on it. Learn more about our water damage repair below

iPod Touch Repairs

We do not replace parts on iPod Touch devices. But we will recover that awesome music collection you can't access on a broken iPod. Also we do not do any work on iPod classic, nano or shuffle devices.

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Android and IoT Devices

Android Repairs

Got that one phone that no one seems to work on? Give IT Tech Repair a try. We have experience working on a broad range of Android devices. We love tackling new and obscure gadget repairs. We probably don't have the needed Android part in stock but can source out the part for you with a special order.

Android Repair Labor $35-$75

IoT Devices

The number of wireless and online capable devices is vast and continues to grow. Smart wearables, smart home devices, smart cars, wireless headphones, drones etc. If it has a circuit board in it and needs repair, contact us. Repair should always be an option is our motto.

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Water Damage Cleaning

Turn Your Device Off and Don't Plug it in to Charge

If you know or suspect that your phone has gotten water or any other kind of liquid inside, turn it off. Even if it is still working, turn it off. You can cause greater damage or even irrepairable damage from continuing to power a water exposed device.

Forget the Rice

Rice does not do a good job drying up water inside a phone. And it will never remove corrosion and short circuits caused from liquid exposure.

Laboratory Grade Ultrasonic Cleaning ($75 for ultrasonic cleaning)

Our thorough laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to ensure that all the components in your device have been dried and are corrosion free. Don't waste money on water damage cleanings that use brush and alcohol or jewelry cleaners. We clean the entire logic board and inspect it thoroughly under the microscope.

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Board Level Repair and Microsoldering

Advanced Phone Repairs

Been told your phone is damaged beyond repair? Has a repair shop been unable to solve your problem by replacing major parts like the screen, battery or charge port. Sounds like your device may need board level repairs. IT Tech Repair performs board level repairs and microsoldering, so don't give up on your device just yet.

Custom Soldering and Microsoldering Work

Are you working on a project that involves soldering? We can help. Whether you are modding, designing or prototyping a device, we can help with the soldering part of it.

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ClearPlex Screen Protection by ProtectionPro

Screen Protector for absolutely any phone or mobile device


Use the same protective film NASA has on its iPads in the International Space Station

    Clear, doesn’t alter visibility or brightness
    Slim—only 0.2mm thick—the slickest and smoothest shield on the market
    Strong, won’t break and is impact resistant
    Sensitive, maintains screen responsiveness
    Flexible around curved edges
    Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions

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About Us

IT Tech Repair LLC is a locally owned, independent repair shop located in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area.

We combine expert repair work with exceptional customer service

We offer an office setting in which to have your phone or mobile device repaired and to consult directly with your repair technician. Drop-in and appointment options are available as well as the ability to start a repair ticket online. If your repair can not be done while you wait, we keep you updated with its progress through our repair ticketing system. We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards in person or through our online shop.
Let us be your go-to technician for your family or business mobile device repair needs.