iPhone Screen Repair Plus

iPhone Repairs are Our Specialty

Quality Parts with a Lifetime Warranty

Screen Repair

Battery Replacements

Lightning Connector Port Replacements

Simple Pricing – $35 labor + Current Part Price

For screen repair and other basic replacement repairs, we charge our Level 1 Labor Rate of $35 plus the price of the part. Part prices vary between models and over time. But you can always find the most current repair cost (labor and part combined) in our Online iPhone Repair Shop.

Online iPhone Repair Shop

Visit our Online iPhone Repair Shop. No need to request a free estimate for a screen repair. Look up the actual cost right now and see if the part you need is in stock. Plus, you can purchase the repair online to guarantee that part is waiting for you. Then drop by our repair lab during office hours or schedule an appointment. Most screen repair takes from 10 to 25 minutes.

Start A Repair

You can start a repair online. Click below and enter information about your iPhone, the problem you are having with it and your contact information. We will then contact you to answer any questions and schedule an appointment.

Screen Protector to fit any Android or iPhone


Use the same protective film NASA has on its iPads in the International Space Station

Clear, doesn’t alter visibility or brightness

Slim—only 0.2mm thick—the slickest and smoothest shield on the market

Strong, won’t break and is impact resistant

Sensitive, maintains screen responsiveness

Flexible around curved edges

Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions


We use our ProtectionPro system to apply ClearPlex to any model of phone, tablet or wearable

Water Damage Cleaning

IT Tech Repair offers the best available water damage cleaning and data recovery in the Twin Cities. We completely remove the phone’s logic board to run it through our laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaner and remove all corrosion and oxidation. No bag of rice will do this. No toothbrush and alcohol will. And a jewelry cleaner just can’t compete. We also use microsoldering skills to correct shorts and damages that may have been caused by the liquid exposure to electrical components.

No-Fix, No-Pay

No Minimum Labor Fee

No Minimum Diagnostic Fee

If we can’t fix it, then you don’t pay

Always worth letting us try

Microsoldering, Android devices and other electronics

At IT Tech Repair, we love a challenge. We can perform board level repairs that require microsoldering. We can also repair most any mobile device if parts are available for it. We have a No-Fix, No-Pay policy, so it’s always worth it to let us give it a try.

If you have a repair need that doesn't fit any of our normal categories, we'll be happy to discuss it with you.