A ClearPlex Screen Protector Will Save Your Device!

You need a screen protector right now.

30% of Americans have a cracked screen on their smartphone. And they only took an average of ten weeks to break it! (Sources: Motorola survey, W3 Solutions report)

So if you’re not already reading this through a broken screen, there’s a good chance you will be soon.

Lower your chance with ClearPlex™ screen protection. It’s the best defense for your smartphone, tablet, or wearable device. ClearPlex is a tough, invisible film first developed for high-end car windshields. Later, NASA protected tablet screens with ClearPlex on the International Space Station. Now, IT Tech Repair will apply it to any mobile device you own.

ClearPlex has two impact-resistant layers to protect against drop damage. A third, “self-healing” layer further protects screens against scratches. We can also apply ClearPlex to the body of your phone for additional protection and peace of mind.

(And let’s face it, the reason so many phones break after ten weeks? Because that’s when we get tired of the OtterBox and ditch it. Use ClearPlex and you just won’t need the bulky stuff anymore!)

On Demand Screen Protection for Any Device

Most noteworthy, we have the ClearPlex screen protection for your device in stock right now! Our ProtectionPro system is programmed to custom cut a sheet of ClearPlex for any mobile device on the market, so you don’t have to wait for the right size to be in stock. We precision cut and professionally apply it while you wait and ensure that you have a perfect fit with no air bubbles.

Stay fully engaged with your mobile device—a critical gateway to family, friends, school, business, news, entertainment, shopping and more—call, text, or or click to schedule an appointment today for your ClearPlex screen protector and peace of mind!

And in Case Your Screen is Broken…

Check out our iPhone screen repair services on this page. We offer a 10% discount on ClearPlex protection whenever you have us do screen replacement repair.

PLEASE NOTE: Clearplex is installed in our repair lab. We do not ship it to you for self-installation