iPhone Screen Repair

Our iPhone screen repair is for iPhones with cracked or smashed glass. Also, it addresses a bad display, no display or no touch response. The repair replaces the damaged display assembly with a new one. Components like the home button, earpiece and front camera are transferred from the old display assembly to the new one. Depending on which iPhone model, the screen repair takes from 10 to 30 minutes to complete.

Cost of the iPhone Screen Repair

The price for our iPhone screen repair is simple. And, you don’t need to call or email for a quote. All iPhone screen repairs are $50 for the labor plus the current price of the part. Part prices vary between iPhone models and fluctuate over time. You can always check the latest total repair price (labor plus parts) on our Price List. Or, you can also check our current inventory and even pay for the repair online to ensure the part is available for you by shopping in our Online Repair Shop.

Fix my cracked screen

Are you ready for your iPhone screen repair now? Click here to start a Repair Service Ticket. Or, drop by during our normal office hours. We are located in the Southeast Como area of Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota. Click here for directions to IT Tech Repair LLC.

Maybe you have a few questions before deciding on an iPhone screen repair. iPhone screen replacement is our most common repair. Here are some frequent questions customers ask:

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Screen Repair

Just the glass is cracked. Can you replace glass only? Is it cheaper?

Whether just the glass is cracked or the whole display is smashed, the iPhone screen repair is the same. The entire display assembly is replaced. The display assembly consists of the LCD display; the digitizer which senses touch; the glass that covers them; and the plastic frame that holds it all together. Plus, the data and power flex cables that plug into the logic board. This is how iPhone displays are manufactured and the ideal way to replace them. Vendors selling just the glass are misrepresenting the amount of labor involved, the special tools required and the quality of the final product. Repair stores offering lower prices for “Glass Only” are still replacing the entire display assembly. They are usually selling your old LCD and getting some money back.

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Do you use genuine Apple products in your iPhone screen repair?

No, our iPhone screen repair uses aftermarket parts. Apple does not sell new OEM parts to anyone except for official Apple service centers. However, we source out good quality aftermarket parts from suppliers that warranty their products. And we pass that warranty on to you. Aftermarket parts vary in quality, and IT Tech Repair knows what to look for. We offer a balance between quality parts and price. If you do desire an OEM Apple screen, we can source that part out. But, it will sometimes be as much as 3x more in price.

How are aftermarket screens different from genuine Apple screens?

The overall look and functionality of an aftermarket screen is similar to Apple’s OEM iPhone screen. You might notice some slight differences though. In general, most aftermarket screens tend to have a bluish hue; whereas, the OEM screens have a warmer, reddish hue. This difference is most pronounced when the display is predominately white. Also, colors on an aftermarket screen tend to change slightly with your viewing angle. But, OEM screen colors remain consistent across viewing angles. Another sometimes noticeable difference is in thickness. Most aftermarket screen manufacturers use a screen technology that ends up making the overall display slightly thicker than the original screen. The extra thickness is especially felt around the home button which may not be as flush with the screen’s surface.

An important difference between aftermarket screens is how the plastic frame is adhered to the screen and LCD. Some of the poorer quality aftermarket screens use the “hot press” method – where hot glue is used to adhere the parts quickly. Better quality aftermarket screens use the “cold press” method – a longer curing process. “Hot press” screens come apart more easily. If you have your screen replaced by a shop that uses cheap “hot press” screens, you may find your screen coming apart in a few months. IT Tech Repair uses only “cold press” screens for its iPhone screen repair.

Will a new screen fix my iPhone?

Most of the time it does. Usually when you break your screen, only the display assembly is damaged. So by replacing it, all the problems are fixed. However, sometimes other parts get damaged like the home button, earpiece or front camera. These parts are usually transferred from your old screen to your new one. So if one of them is damaged, you will need to have them replaced. Occasionally, the accident that damaged your screen also bent or dented the housing of your iPhone. This damage may prevent the new replacement screen from fitting properly in the housing. Often, the housing can be bent back or dents smoothed out so that your screen fits properly. In some cases, you may need a whole new housing.

Sometimes your screen stops responding to your touch even when it has not been dropped or damaged. In such cases, replacing your screen may not always fix the problem. There are components on the logic board that governs the touch screen. Sometimes, these components go bad, so the problem lies on the board and not in the screen itself. This “touch disease” is especially common in iPhone 6 Plus and regular 6 models. It requires microsoldering to repair the problem. We can do this repair at IT Tech Repair by the way.

Can I use my own screen?

Definitely. We separate the labor and parts in our iPhone screen repair. So, if you have your own part – purchased new or from a donor iPhone – we will be put it on for you for our $35 labor fee. Please note though, we can not give the same warranty as we do when we use our own parts

I tried to replace my iPhone screen on my own and something went wrong. Will you help?

Of course. We believe in the right to repair and like that you made the effort to repair your iPhone rather than buy a new one. If you ran into problems, we are willing to step in and finish the job for you. If your part is still usable, then we will only charge you the $35 labor fee for an iPhone screen repair. Please remember though, we are in the repair business and don’t offer free repair instructions. If you are looking for that, we recommend going online where there are good DIY resources like iFixit.com.

Do you warranty your iPhone screen repair?

Yes we do. If we use our replacement screens in your repair, IT Tech Repair warranties the part and labor for the life of your iPhone. If there is a problem with your replacement screen that isn’t related to a new accident or water damage, then we will replace it at no charge. Remember, this is a warranty for defective parts – not insurance against accidental damage.

Do you sell screen protectors?

Yes we do! Putting a screen protector on your new replacement screen right away is smart. We offer ClearPlex screen protection for $25 but take off $5 if you have it installed with your new iPhone screen replacement. Learn more about ClearPlex protection by clicking here.