Repair Services

Repair Your Device Today; Don’t Replace It!

iPhone Repairs are our specialty

We specialize in iPhone repairs but will repair any iOS and Android mobile device. In addition to typical screen, battery and charge port replacemnts, we tackle more difficult jobs such as water damage cleaning and microsoldering work. We charge a Repair Level Labor Rate, not an hourly rate. This is the total labor cost for a particular type of repair based on its level of intensity and skill.

Cost of parts for iPhone repairs fluctuate, so please call or text for current prices. We seek out high quality parts for our iPhone repairs that are reasonably priced. Please note, we do not sell parts individually. We are a repair business, not a parts retailer. But you are welcome to provide your own part. In these cases, you will only be charged our labor rate, but we will not be able to warranty repairs which use your own parts.

We have a No-fix, No Pay Policy. If we find that your device is unrepairable or requires a costly amount of repair work then there is no charge. We do charge for diagnostic only work. We also charge for any data recovery attempts whether those attempts are fully or partially successful.

Also, check out our iPhone Repair Shop. Here we have certain iPhone repairs that you can pre-purchase online – parts & labor together. Afterwards simply make an appointment or drop by during business hours to have the repair performed.

iPhone Screen Repair

Level 1 Repairs

$35 Labor plus parts

  • iPhone Screen replacements
  • Android Screen replacements (no heat/adhesion removal)
  • Battery replacements
  • Charge port replacements (non-solder)
  • Speaker, earpiece, camera (non-solder)
  • Minor Software issues

Level 2 Repairs

$75 Labor plus parts

  • Screen replacements that involve heating and/or board removal for replacement. This includes iPads and many Androids
  • Liquid damage cleaning which involves board removal and Laboratory Grade Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Macro-soldering for certain charge port replacements & solder reflow
  • Corrupt software issues, reflashing

Level 3 Repairs

$125 Labor plus parts

  • Board level and microsoldering work that involves board component replacement & short to ground tracing & elimination
  • Data recovery from dead or severely damaged devices

ClearPlex Protection

Starting at $15

  • $15 for custom cut and application on wearables like Apple Watch and FitBit Blaze
  • $25 for custom cut and application on any iOS or Android phone screen
  • $45 for custom cut and application on any iOS or Android phone screen and glass back
  • $35 for custom cut and application on any iPad, tablet or eReader screen