Water Damaged Phone Repair

Expert Water Damaged Phone Repair and Cleaning

IT Tech Repair LLC is your expert in water damaged phone repair in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Twin Cities Metro area. A cracked screen is easy to identify and replace, but damage from liquid exposure can be complex and variable. A water damaged phone may still work but act funny at times, or it may be completely dead. Sometimes, it may seem that your phone is okay only to have it go bad days or weeks later. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of water damage – what has actually happened inside your phone and the pathway to get it functioning again. Here’s where IT Tech Repair can help. Our water damaged phone repair and cleaning service is thorough, and it addresses the underlying problems of water damage.

Turn Off Your Phone!!!

It’s not the water per se that hurts your phone, it’s the exposure of water to electrically charged components in your phone that causes the most damage. It’s tempting to turn your phone on or plug it up after it’s been exposed to water. And if it does turn on the you feel relieved. But as long as moisture remains in your phone, supplying power to it is like dropping a toaster into the bath tub. You can end up causing more and even unrepairable damage to your device. So turn it off immediately if it’s still on, and don’t plug it up or try to power it on if it’s already off.

Man with toaster in bathtub
Electricity and water don't mix

Rice is For Dinner! Not a Water Damaged Phone

Putting a water damaged phone in rice to save it is a huge myth that needs to be dispelled! Of course the idea is that rice will help absorb moisture in your phone, so it’s touted as a means for water damage repair. First problem is that rice isn’t even a good desiccant for absorbing moisture from the air. Don’t forget, to cook rice you generally put in a pot of boiling water to help it absorb water. More importantly, even if a good desiccant does help remove water from your phone, it won’t remove corrosion and oxidation – the real culprits of water damage.

Corrosion is the Real Problem

The best phone water damage repair involves removing corrosion from components on the logic board. The electrically charged, precious metals found on a phone’s logic board will develop corrosion very quickly when exposed to water. Even when the water evaporates, the corrosion and oxidation remain. This corrosion interferes with the phone’s functioning. And, it can grow over time and eat away at the tiny components on the logic board causing more permanent and costly damage. Drying your phone isn’t enough for water damage repair.

EM shields removed from iPhone logic board
Corrosion under EM shield on iPhone
Corrosion and water damaged battery in iPhone 5
Corrosion and water damaged battery in iPhone 5

Corrosion can hide on Your Phone’s Logic Board

Many of the most sensitive components on a logic board are covered by EMI shields (Electro-Magnetic Interference). These shields are often soldered to the board, but water can easily pass through them. So, it is common for corrosion to exist under these shields unseen. The best water damage repair involves removing these shields to get at the hidden corrosion.

Brush your teeth not an iPhone
Brush your teeth not an iPhone
Dental exam

Don’t Pay for a Toothbrush Water Damage Repair

Brushing your teeth is good, but it doesn’t substitute for a dental exam and cleaning. Unfortunately, many phone repair shops think that a toothbrush and some isopropyl alcohol is all it takes for a water damage repair. They pop open the phone and give the easily accessed components a scrub without even removing the logic board. Then they close it up and charge you even if it doesn’t work. Imagine paying for a full office visit, only to have the dentist brush your teeth with a toothbrush and leave.

A good phone water damage repair will always involve removing the phone’s logic board and de-soldering the EMI shields to expose all the potentially corroded components. The repair tech will then use an ultrasonic cleaner to thoroughly and safely remove all the corrosion and oxidation. A toothbrush can actually damage and knock the delicate components off of a logic board. And, it just doesn’t clean as deeply and effectively as ultrasound.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for the Best Water Damage Repair

IT Tech Repair LLC uses a laboratory grade ultrasonic cleaner with a specially formulated cleaning solution for logic boards. It is the best, safest and most thorough cleaning process on the market. Toothbrushes and alcohol or jewelry cleaning ultrasounds can’t do what this cleaner does. Plus we expose all components of the board for the most extensive cleaning possible.

Water Damage cleaning with Laboratory Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner
Before and after photo of water damage cleaning
Before and after photo of water damage cleaning
microsoldering and board level repairs
iPhone 5 board level repair

Board Level Diagnostics & Microsoldering Repairs

Often, an ultrasonic cleaning is all that’s needed to make a water damage phone function again. Sometimes though the initial electrical shock or subsequent corrosion causes structural damage to the board’s components or circuitry. IT Tech Repair LLC has the microsoldering equipment and skills to make needed board level repairs to correct a short to ground or replace a damaged board component.

Battery Replacement

When a phone battery has been exposed to water, it may still provide power to the phone. But, the battery’s circuit which communicates with the phone may be compromised. Miscommunication to the phone’s logic board can cause the phone’s firmware to crash. This can be seen when a water damaged phone just shuts off or power cycles on its own. You may be able to turn the phone back on and just consider this an annoying problem. But whenever this happens, the phone creates an error log and if enough errors build up can cause your phone’s firmware to crash permanently. That’s right. Leaving a water damaged battery in a phone even when everything else has been repaired can permanently kill your phone. At IT Tech Repair we don’t take the chance. As a matter of professional routine, we replace your battery. It’s part of our water damage repair service and no extra labor costs.

iPhone battery replacement

Fix My Water Damaged Phone!

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